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LiteServer connectivity

We operate our own network “AS60404” in the Netherlands, and have our primary POPs and network edges in 2 datacenter locations named “GlobalSwitch” located in Amsterdam and “Serverius DC1” located in Dronten.

Both of these locations are also our PNI locations where we currently offer private/public peering up to 40Gbps connections, with support for 100Gbps connectivity on our roadmap.

Our primary network locations are connected with eachother using fiber connectivity to provide a redundant backbone.

By using modern DWDM techniques on all our site-to-site backbone links we increase capacity on dark fibers using different wave length, this allowing capacity of a single fiber to grow in the Tbps range.

Click here for more information about our network and/or peering info that can be found on the website of PeeringDB.

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